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Exploring a Collaborative Opportunity with EggDonor4All?

As the leading EggDonor4All entity globally, we continuously seek to forge partnerships with reputable IVF centers to address the increasing demand for Asian egg donors. By joining our network as an Authorized Partnership Center, you can anticipate access to an extensive reservoir of frozen eggs sourced from high-caliber donors who have undergone rigorous screening and health evaluations.

As the premier organization in the global EggDonor4All community, we are dedicated to establishing collaborations with esteemed IVF centers to meet the growing need for Asian egg donors. Becoming an Accredited Partnership Center within our network ensures you gain privileged access to a vast supply of cryopreserved eggs sourced from top-tier donors who have undergone thorough screening and health assessments.

EggDonor4All benefits

As a EggDonor4All partner, your practice can leverage several key benefits, from increased visibility of your donor profiles to the assurance you’re working with an organization committed to the strictest health and safety standards.

Access to shared platform

House and display donors to serve your internal patient population.

Broad reach & unparalleled visibility

With over 200 clinics in North America, the scope of our reach is significant, leading to greater, easier access for aspiring parents and increased visibility for your donor profiles.

State-of-the-art clinical & lab protocols

We pride ourselves in having the best-in-class embryologists and clinicians who have helped us develop streamlined protocols and procedures ensuring the highest quality donor eggs and the health and safety of donors.

Key vendor relationships

We also have several vendor relationships that offer discounted rates for participating EggDonor4All Donation Centers.

EggDonor4All benefits

We look forward to discussing partnership opportunities and benefits with you.

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