EggDonors4All Affiliated Clinics

Empowering Clinics, Building Families:

EggDonors4All is more than just an egg bank. We are a network of passionate clinics like yours, united by a commitment to helping aspiring parents build their families. Become an affiliate and offer them:

Unmatched Diversity:

Our 1,000+ donors represent a rich tapestry of ethnicities and backgrounds, increasing chances of finding the perfect match.

Innovative Choice:

Provide frozen or fresh donor eggs, empowering patients to control their fertility journey.

Rigorous Screening:

Our in-house physicians ensure a meticulous process, guaranteeing donors’ health and well-being.

Why Partner with EggDonors4All?

Hear from Satisfied Affiliates:

“EggDonors4All’s diverse database opened doors for our patients. The flexibility of frozen eggs empowers them to control their journey.” –

Dr. Sarah Smith

“Their team’s dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with our own. Their expertise adds tremendous value to our practice.” 

Dr. Michael Edwards

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    Partnership Opportunities:

    We offer flexible partnerships customized to your needs. Whether you have an existing donor program or starting from nothing, we collaborate with you to optimize your success.

    Benefits for EggDonors4All Partners:

    • Shared platform: House and display our diverse donor profiles alongside your own.
    • Broader reach: Expand your patient base through our extensive network of aspiring parents.
    • State-of-the-art protocols: Leverage our best-in-class embryology and lab practices for optimal results.
    • Generate additional revenues for your IVF Practice by acting as an Egg Donor freezing site. Our practice will pay you for freezing eggs of donors that live near your practice.
    • Increase your practice revenues:  As an affiliate, we will send you Intended Parent referrals looking for IVF Clinics to work with near where they live.
    • Typically, we get about 15 inquiries daily from Intended Parents, who come to our website and select a donor for a fresh or frozen cycle.
    • Many of them also request a referral to an IVF Center near where they live.
    • If you are an affiliate, we will send the referral to you.
    • There is no charge or obligation for these referrals we make to our affiliates.

    Take the Next Step:

    Join us in making dreams a reality. Contact us today to discuss customized partnership opportunities and unlock the potential of EggDonors4All for your practice.

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    We look forward to discussing partnership opportunities and benefits with you.

    Donor Frozen oocyte information sent to clinics:

    When you source frozen eggs from us, we typically have on file the below list of information for each donor.  We can forward some or all of the items to your clinic requested, for each cohort of eggs obtained by the Intended Parent:

    Egg Donor for All Location

      Clinics Onboarding

      (to be completed by the Clinics director/technical supervisor and/or Clinics manager)

      Clinics Details

      Lab Director/ Tech. Supervisor Name

      Shipping Contact Name (This will be the person who we will consider as the main point of contact for your clinic)

      Nurse/Patient Coordinator’s Name

      Clinics Credentials

      Clinics Protocols and Outcomes

      Please provide a list of embryologists authorized to warm frozen oocytes at your clinic:


      1. Each embryologist should review Warming Video Instruction provided by Eggdonors4All

      2. Each authorized embryologist should strictly adhere to Eggdonors4All warming protocol

      3. Record the name and title of the person receiving and handling the frozen oocytes

      4. Keep Eggdonors4All up to date on the embryologist in your lab who are authorized to warm frozen oocytes

      5. Maintain documentation of each embryologists’ warming performance and blastocyst development for Eggdonors4All warming

      6. Performing ICSI on all frozen oocytes from Eggdonors4All, exactly 2 hours after warming (time of warming and ICSI should be documented)

      7. Submitting to Eggdonors4All pictures of the recovered oocytes and created embryos prior to freezing or transferring. Add pictures of any poor-quality blastocyst that is discarded.

      8. Submit the outcome for each batch of eggs:

        1. Oocyte recovery

        2. Fertilization

        3. Blastocyst formation

        4. Any PGT-a info (if applicable)

        5. Maintain documentation of each embryologists’ warming performance and blastocyst development for Eggdonors4All warming

        6. Clinical pregnancy

        7. Ongoing pregnancy

        8. Live birth outcome

      I certify this information submitted here is true and our program is committed to following Eggdonors4All requirements listed above:

      Print Name*

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