Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities:

We offer flexible partnerships customized to your needs. Whether you have an existing donor program or starting from nothing, we collaborate with you to optimize your success.

Benefits for EggDonors4All Partners:

  • Shared platform: House and display our diverse donor profiles alongside your own.
  • Broader reach: Expand your patient base through our extensive network of aspiring parents.
  • State-of-the-art protocols: Leverage our best-in-class embryology and lab practices for optimal results.
  • Generate additional revenues for your IVF Practice by acting as an Egg Donor freezing site. Our practice will pay you for freezing eggs of donors that live near your practice.
  • Increase your practice revenues:  As an affiliate, we will send you Intended Parent referrals looking for IVF Clinics to work with near where they live.
  • Typically, we get about 15 inquiries daily from Intended Parents, who come to our website and select a donor for a fresh or frozen cycle.
  • Many of them also request a referral to an IVF Center near where they live.
  • If you are an affiliate, we will send the referral to you.
  • There is no charge or obligation for these referrals we make to our affiliates.

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