Egg Donation Cycle

Navigating the Egg Donation Cycle

Embarking on the egg donation journey with EggDonors4all is a life-affirming experience that supports intended parents in realizing their dreams of parenthood. We understand that, especially for first-time donors or those feeling nervous, the process may seem overwhelming. Rest assured, EggDonors4all collaborates with leading reproductive endocrinologists to provide meticulous explanations of all medical procedures associated with egg donation. As you consider participating in EggDonors4all’s egg donation program, here’s an overview of what you can anticipate.

How To Prepare for the Egg Donation Cycle

Upcoming Doctor Appointments:

Upon choosing egg donation, you’ll engage in 4-8 appointments with your doctor, typically scheduled in the early mornings or occasionally on weekends. For your convenience, if you’re traveling or the reproductive office is a distance from your home, 2-3 appointments can be arranged at a nearby monitoring clinic. Following approval as an egg donor, your initial screening at the doctor’s office ensures your excellent health and readiness for the donation process. This appointment, often scheduled on Day 3 of the menstrual cycle, may include:

Fertility Hormones & Medications:

The Purpose of Fertility Medications:

During an egg donation cycle, higher doses of egg-maturing hormones are administered to allow additional eggs to mature, typically 8-15 more, for the egg retrieval procedure.

3 to 4 Weeks:

After medical clearance, the in-house IVF Clinic at EggDonors4all will create a cycle schedule for you and the egg donation recipient. Your care coordination team will assist you with appointments, travel queries, medication administration guidance, and all necessary arrangements for a successful egg retrieval. A full donation schedule typically spans 2-3 weeks of daily hormone injections. While on medications, local morning medical appointments monitor the effects of the medication through blood work and ultrasounds.

To commence the egg donation cycle, donors and recipients undergo cycle synchronization. Egg donors take birth control pills for around 10 days to sync cycles with the recipient.

Following the third week of the donor’s cycle, egg donors begin daily self-injecting hormones such as Lupron (Leuprolide Acetate Injections) for approximately 10 days. This phase slows down the menstrual cycle, and egg donors are monitored daily to measure follicle growth using vaginal sonograms and blood tests.

After the Lupron Injection series, egg donors administer injections of fertility hormones like GONAL-F® (Follitripoin Alfa) or FHS (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) for the next 8-10 days to stimulate egg follicles’ growth.

For approximately 2-3 weeks, egg donors receive hormone injections with a small needle, often in the thigh or belly. The eggs that aren’t extracted for donation would naturally pass out of the body during the menstrual cycle.

Note: EggDonors4all prioritizes patient confidentiality and respects your choice to disclose or not disclose your egg donation to family or friends.

The Egg Retrieval Process

When leading follicles reach 18-20 mm in size, and the estradiol hormone (E2) level increases, the eggs are ready for harvest. Mature eggs are ready after about two weeks of hormone administration.

The Egg Retrieval Procedure


Before the egg retrieval procedure, an HCG injection prepares the donor’s ovaries to release the eggs. During the procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, the donor is under light sedation, and eggs are aspirated vaginally with a long needle to prevent scarring. The eggs are then removed through a needle attached to an ultrasound probe.


Following the retrieval, donors may return home accompanied by a friend. We recommend taking the remainder of the day off, and donors may be informed about a pregnancy with the recipient’s parents and/or gestational carrier about a month after the retrieval.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Egg Retrieval

EggDonors4all ensures a comprehensive, supportive, and respectful journey throughout the entire egg donation process.