Egg Donation Process

Share the Gift of Life to a Caring Family

Have you considered the possibility of becoming an egg donor? If so, it’s likely you have numerous questions about the egg donation process. That’s why, when you choose to be a donor with EggDonors4all, our dedicated team will stand by your side, providing guidance through every phase of your remarkable journey.

Learn more about how the supportive team at EggDonors4all facilitates and navigates you through this incredible experience.

The Comprehensive Egg Donation Process

Commence your egg donation journey by submitting the EggDonors4all application. Upon approval, your coordinator will conduct a video interview, allowing you to provide profile information and organize pictures without revealing identifying details. Once aligned in understanding, your EggDonors4all coordinator activates your egg donor profile for matching with intended parents.

Egg donors play a pivotal role in offering a remarkable gift to loving couples or single parents. At EggDonors4all, we prioritize providing you with comprehensive information about your match. Intended parents undergo thorough screening and interviews by our staff before the IVF cycle begins, ensuring readiness for parenthood.

Your emotional well-being is a priority at EggDonors4all. Comprehensive screenings for mental illness and psychiatric disorders, conducted by licensed professionals, aim to ensure a positive and life-affirming egg donation experience

Engage in a comprehensive review of your family’s genetic history with EggDonors4all’s genetic screenings. Conducted by a board-certified geneticist, this process involves constructing a family tree and producing a detailed genetic history report. Your disclosure of family and medical history is confidential, and common genetic diseases are tested during your in-person medical screening.


Note: EggDonors4all prioritizes patient confidentiality and respects your choice to disclose or not disclose your egg donation to family or friends.

Day 3 FSH Test:

Track your menstrual cycle and notify your coordinator on the first day of your period. On the third day, ovulation levels are tested through a blood test and possibly an ultrasound.

Medical Testing:

EggDonors4all includes FDA-required tests for infectious diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis, urine drug screen, cystic fibrosis genetic screening, and a vaginal ultrasound to count resting follicles.

Safeguard your rights with a legal contract facilitated by EggDonors4all. This contract defines parental rights, protects anonymity, and secures your informed consent to relinquish legal rights to the retrieved eggs. EggDonors4all provides expert legal counsel referrals at no cost to ensure your decision aligns with your consent and final approval.

Harmonize your menstrual cycle with the intended biological mother through birth control pills for ten days*. Subsequently, receive fertility hormone injections stimulating egg maturity. Regular physician appointments monitor blood samples and egg development during this period (typically 4-6 appointments).

*In cases of fresh IVF cycles.

The approximately 30-minute egg retrieval procedure, conducted under “Twilight Sedation” for comfort, involves ultrasound-guided retrieval through the vaginal wall. Recovery is swift, and you are advised to take the day off. Your period resumes about two weeks post-procedure. During this fertile period, precautions are recommended if engaging in intercourse.

EggDonors4all ensures a comprehensive, supportive, and respectful journey throughout the entire egg donation process.