Legal Support Options

At EggDonors4All, we have our own referral database of attorneys to provide legal support to you through the surrogacy process.

We prefer to use our own referral database, but if you wish to explore other options, information on various legal resources is presented below.

There are various resources available to help you find attorneys who specialize in IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy support. Here are a few suggestions on how you can find attorneys in the USA:

American Bar Association (ABA) Directory

The ABA’s website provides a directory where you can search for attorneys by practice area, including reproductive law or assisted reproductive technology (ART) law. Visit the ABA’s website and utilize their directory to find attorneys in your desired location.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Listing

ASRM is a professional organization for reproductive medicine specialists, including attorneys specializing in reproductive law. They have a directory on their website that allows you to search for attorneys who focus on reproductive law.

Assisted Reproduction (ART)

Whether you are considering becoming a donor or surrogate or you are a prospective intended parent, knowledge is power. The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) puts significant effort and pride into this website and the knowledge it can share with those involved in assisted reproduction.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

Resolve is an organization that provides support and resources for individuals and couples struggling with infertility. They have a professional services directory that includes attorneys specializing in reproductive law.

State Bar Associations

Check the websites of state bar associations in the specific state where you need assistance. They often have lawyer directories that allow you to search for attorneys by practice area.

Online Directories and Legal Services Platforms

Online directories like Avvo, Justia, and LegalMatch provide search functionalities to find attorneys specializing in various practice areas. These platforms often have reviews and ratings that can help you evaluate attorneys.

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