Our Strategic Partnerships

Orchid JMS

Orchid is a complete technology solution for surrogacy and egg donation agencies that provides a secure and seamless way to manage every phase of a third party journey — from the initial point of contact, through birth and beyond. Our partnership with Orchid gives us the most advanced donor application in the industry, enhancing the experience for donors and aspiring parents alike. Our rigorous but streamlined screening process provides assurance to those building families and results in more completed applications from donors.

Core Cryolab

Core Cryoport, which is part of Cooper Surgical, offers premium domestic and international shipping as well as storage services for EggDonors4All. This partnership means all intended parents can have the comfort of knowing their eggs or embryos will arrive safely to their destinations.

Toronto and Arizona

Cryo Future

CryoFuture provides Fast and Secure Transport for Samples, as well as Stress-Free Transfer and Storage of samples.

California and New Jersey