IVF Success Chances

IVF Success Rates in the USA - Own Eggs - Fresh = Success Rates

Breaking It Down: Your age is the pivotal factor influencing success rates. Women under the age of 35 have the highest success rates, but even women over 35 still have a chance of success, albeit with reduced odds.

Here’s a breakdown of the average success rates for IVF using your own eggs in the United States, categorized by the woman’s age:

Age of WomanSuccess Rate
Under 3540%
Remember, these are general averages, and individual success rates can be higher or lower. Various factors, such as egg quality, uterine health, and the expertise of the fertility specialist, can influence the outcome.

SART IVF Cycle 1

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SART IVF Cycle 2

If all treatments in your first complete cycle have been unsuccessful and you decide to continue with IVF, you can use SART IVF Cycle 2 IVF Cycle 2 to update your cumulative chance of having a baby over the second and third complete cycles.