Egg Donor Qualifications

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Egg Donation Criteria

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EggDonors4all - Egg Donation Criteria


Prospective egg donors must fall within the age range of 19 to 30.

Regular Menstrual Cycles:

Usage of Depo-Provera is not permitted.

Reproductive Health:

Candidates for egg donation should have no history of reproductive problems.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Our egg donors must maintain physical health within a healthy BMI range.

Healthy Family Medical History:

Donors must not have any family history of inherited genetic disorders.


Egg donors must be willing to undergo fertility medication and attend appointments.


A commitment to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Substance Use:

No current use of drugs or excessive alcohol.


Must have both ovaries.

Psychological Health:

Candidates must be psychologically healthy.

Humanitarian Motivation:

A genuine desire to contribute to others’ well-being

Dependability and Maturity:

Dependable and mature individuals are sought after.