Intended Parents Testimonials

I am delighted to share the joyous news with your team that in July, our family was blessed with the arrival of twin girls, all made possible with the invaluable assistance of Egg Donors 4 All. After navigating a challenging five-year journey through fertility struggles, we find ourselves immersed in love for our precious additions each day. Please update your records to include this wonderful chapter in our family's story.
Thrilling updates on the horizon – we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our baby girl in June! Currently reveling in the joy of a three-month pregnancy, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Egg Donors 4 All for seamlessly connecting us with the perfect eggs from their Frozen Eggs Database. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, and we eagerly await the day when we can welcome our little one into the world!
Excitement abounds in our household! The addition of a precious baby has filled our hearts with gratitude for Egg Donors 4 All. Their dedication to connecting us with the frozen egg donor database has culminated in the creation of this wonderful addition to our family.
Penelope & Oliver
At the age of 37, I entrusted Egg Donors 4 All to freeze my eggs. From the two embryos implanted, I am now reveling in the joys of parenthood with a beautiful boy. My entire journey with Egg Donors 4 All has been truly exceptional.
My wife and I were elated with our experience working alongside Egg Donors 4 All. The coordination of the egg donation process was handled with expertise and care, seamlessly adapting to our evolving circumstances. Our timeline for the egg donation process was met with satisfaction, and we feel truly blessed for the opportunity to collaborate with them. We enthusiastically recommend Egg Donors 4 All to all couples seeking a compassionate and reputable agency.
The journey with Egg Donors 4 All, from inception to completion, has been nothing short of incredible. Having recently completed the retrieval process with a donor and currently navigating the surrogacy process, the support provided by the company, especially for first-time parents like us, has been unwavering. They guided us through every step, addressing our queries with promptness, offering a diverse range of experienced donors, and providing overall robust support.
Olivia & Tristan
I extend my gratitude to my Caucasian donor, whom I discovered through Egg Donor 4 All. I am pleased to share that the entire process unfolded seamlessly, with regular updates at every stage. Thank you for simplifying this journey for us!
Mr. Elijah
The process of using fresh eggs with Egg Donors 4 All was a fulfilling experience. Despite the wait time, the impressive success rates made it an easy decision for us. We are now blessed with the joy of raising healthy twin baby girls.
Chloe & Michael