Become an Egg Donor

Give the Gift of Life as an Egg Donor!

Thank you for considering becoming an egg donor! We invite you to explore our website to understand more about the process.

EggDonors4All is a comprehensive agency connecting exceptional young women with prospective parents in the USA, Canada, Ghana and overseas.

Being an egg donor is a fulfilling experience. Many donors choose to contribute up to six times. Your contribution could help a cancer survivor, a same-sex couple, or a couple facing delayed family planning. You have the power to make a positive impact on deserving families. As one donor expressed, “If something happened to me tomorrow, and I passed away, I know I made a difference by helping someone in need.”

We welcome donors from all ethnic backgrounds—Indian, Caucasian, Black, and Asian.

Requirements for Egg Donation

To become an egg donor, you need to meet these basic criteria: